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Who was Maria Montessori?

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Maria Montessori lived from 1870 to 1952. She was the first woman to attend medical school and the first female Doctor of medicine in Italy. Through her work with handicapped and socially deprived children, she developed her unique educational method, known as the Montessori method. As a result of her further study, observation and experimentation, she found the principles of her method to be applicable to all children. She had a huge impact on the field of education in general and the way we understand and teach children today.

The Montessori method of teaching encourages children to develop at their own pace and to gain skills such as independence, concentration and problem solving which are essential life skills that will help them continue making good progress through the rest of their education.

Our teaching method ensures that each child is never over faced, by taking small steps at the child’s own pace and by building on previously learnt skills. We teach in a multi-sensory way with good quality materials and equipment.

We take pride in every child’s work so they also learn to be pleased by their achievements and enjoy learning. Many
children make out standing progress in every area.