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Bertie Bear’s Adventures




My name is Bertie Bear, and I live at Little Steps Montessori Nursery School in Overton.

I was found at the back of the shed in a black sack, cold and lonely. Until I was discovered by Brenda and I was invited into Little Steps to become the school bear!

I like living at school as I can watch the children and give them lots of cuddles. I look forward to going home for visits, whatever we do, as I like everything. From going to tea and a sleepover to going to the Dentist or Hospital but I haven’t been to the Vet’s….. Yet!!

This is my very first web page. Although I am on my fifth school diary, I love to keep a record of my adventures so that I can share them with all the children at circle time.

Also that way any photo’s or souvenirs can be stuck into my diary and posted on my new web page.

I would like to share with you the latest adventures that I have had with the children that I have been to stay with, we have had great fun and I am always on my best behaviour.

I always look forward to my next adventure and now you can see what I’ve been up to..

Love From



13th January 2017

“I went home with Pearl and met her sister Elise and her mummy and daddy.

We went to visit Pearl’s Grandma and Grandpa and stayed the night.

Pearl’s mummy realised that I had forgotten to pack my pyjamas but luckily

Pearl’s great auntie came took my measurements and made me some

wonderful purple pyjama bottoms. I am soooo lucky. I had a lovely time we played

lots of games I especially liked playing trains in the toy boxes!!”

Thank you Pearl

20th – 23rd January 2017

” Hooray I went on holiday with Andrew and his family and his friends.

We went to Centerparcs and stayed in a lodge for 3 nights. i watched

Andrew and his friends swimming we all went for a walk.But the best

bit was seeing the animals, there was a huge rabbit, a tortoise and a

skunk. It was Andrew’s brother Oliver’s 10th birthday so we had

chocolate cake, very  yummy.”

“Thank you Andrew and family for a lovely holiday.”




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