Little Steps Montessori Nursery School,
Ken Hogan Pavilion,
Berrydown Sports Ground,
London Road,
RG25 3BT
Telephone 07786 294574

Term Dates 2016/17

Term Dates 2016/17

Autumn Term 2016
Term begins: Monday 5th September 2016
Term ends: Friday 16th December 2016
Half term: Monday 24th to Friday 28th October inclusive

Provisional date for Nativity Plays week of 5th December
End of term party: Friday 16h December 9am – 1.00pm.

Spring Term 2017
Term begins: Wednesday 4th January 2017
Term ends: Friday 7th April 2017
Half term: Monday 20th to Friday 24th February inclusive
End of term party: Friday 7th April 9am – 1.00pm.

Summer Term 2017
Term begins: Monday 24th April 2017
Term ends: Wednesday 19th July 2017
Half term: Monday 29th May to 2nd June inclusive

Bank Holiday Closures: Monday 1st May

End of term party: Wednesday 19th July 9am – 1.00pm.

Dates may be subject to change. Compulsory 5 days inset days :-3rd January
20th – 25th July these may change to fit in with local schools and/or training days.
Dates are inline with the Hampshire schools for the convenience of those with older children.